Nordic Pole Walking Volunteers

Nordic Pole Walking is a low impact form of exercise that activates 90% of the muscles in the body. This can result in toned upper arms, shoulders and back muscles. It has a greater aerobic effect than regular walking with reduced strain on the lower body.

CHIRP Community Health, supported by Nordic Pole Walking Volunteers, offers several Nordic Pole Walking groups for the Mount Alexander Shire Community.

Why become a Nordic Pole Walking Volunteer?

In addition to getting the health benefits of regular Nordic Pole Walking, our volunteers also get to improve the health of our community. Being a Nordic Pole Walking Volunteer offers the chance to receive training, make new friends, build confidence, challenge yourself and have fun.

What is involved in becoming a Walking Volunteer?

CHIRP Community Health provide First Aid and CPR training for all Nordic Pole Walking Volunteers. Once trained, our Nordic Pole Walking volunteers provide first aid if required, coordinate attendance lists and support the volunteer leading a class.

More experienced Nordic Pole Walking Volunteers may also have opportunities to receive training from the Nordic Walking Academy which enables them to lead classes, though this is subject to funding grants.

Nordic Pole Walking volunteer positions are overseen by the Health Promotion Officer at CHIRP Community Health.

If you are interested in becoming a Nordic Pole Walking Volunteer, please complete the volunteer interest form. Alternatively, you could call us on 5479 1000 and ask to speak to our Health Promotion Officer.

Please note that all of our volunteers must undergo comprehensive screening checks including a police check and a Victorian Working with Children Check prior to commencing volunteering with us.

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