Tiny Homes Project

CHIRP Community Health is working to address the critical need for temporary accommodation for adults and youth at risk of homelessness. We have decided to take a proactive approach and set up a small group of attractive and well-designed tiny homes to address this need.

Tiny Homes Sweet Home is the development of temporary accommodation (1-2 years) in Castlemaine for adults and/or youth at risk of homelessness.

This project in collaboration with Tiny Non-Profit is utilising the model of the Tiny Homes Foundation in Gosford NSW, which has already proven successful for their young residents.

What is needed?

  • We need appropriate land for six tiny homes close to support services in Castlemaine for people at risk of homelessness. We are already in dialogue with several community groups regarding land, however please let us know if you may be able to support the project with land. There will be four residential tiny homes, one for a shared laundry and one for a shared meeting space. There will also be veggie gardens.
  • We need funding and/or in-kind support to help with the construction of the tiny homes. This will cost approximately six times $70,000 = $420,000.
  • We need additional funding for our housing team to support residents, and for a project manager to implement the project. This will cost approximately $330,000.


What CHIRP Community Health is aiming for?

CHIRP Housing Services want local people who are under housing stress to:

  • Live in appropriate supported accommodation with security of tenure
  • Live where they are known, supported and safe
  • Live within, participate and contribute to the local community

The Local Context

CHIRP Housing Service (formerly Castlemaine Housing Service) has 30 years’ of experience in delivering housing options for its clients experiencing homelessness or risk of homelessness.

Our services provide case management to assist clients to advocate and facilitate their journey through a housing crisis. This may include providing funds and support for emergency accommodation from one night to several, and for transitional housing from three to six months.

Securing housing requires flexibility in a climate of unaffordable housing for the transition into permanent housing, either into Public and Social Housing, Private Rental or until people become more settled into the bigger commitment of obtaining a mortgage.

CHIRP’s client base is broad – working with all genders, of various cultural backgrounds, family household sizes, and levels of ability. Its priority is to work with people of very low to moderate incomes.

The local Mount Alexander Shire Council has given their in-principal support to our Tiny Homes project. CHIRP has been working well with council for many years around addressing the needs for disadvantaged groups in the community, and we have had meetings with the Mayor, several councillors and Planning Officers, who have all been enthusiastic about this opportunity. We have also received many expressions of interest to support the project from both the local community and other Victorian organisations as well. Please see our partner logos below.

You are also welcome to contact us directly about the Tiny Homes project by emailing Michael McMahon of Chirp at mmcmahon@castlemainehealth.org.au or Kath Leong of Tiny Non-profit at katherine.s.leong@gmail.com





In addition to housing services, CHIRP employs a team of allied health, counselling, nursing, alcohol and other drug services, family services and a wellbeing team committed to improving the social health outcomes for disadvantaged clients, and to benefit the health of the entire community.

What you can do to support?

You are able to donate to Tiny Homes through PayPal using the donate button below.


We also welcome any in-kind support from individuals or organisations who would like to support getting our Tiny Homes project off the ground. In kind support could be through volunteers, materials or any other assistance in obtaining funding for this exciting project.

You are also welcome to contact us directly about the Tiny Homes project by emailing mmcmahon@castlemainehealth.org.au or JStewart@castlemainehealth.org.au.

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