Needle and Syringe Exchange Program

CHIRP Community Health provides a Needle and Syringe Exchange (NSP) Program.

The NSP is a harm minimisation program that aims to prevent the spread of blood borne viruses such as HIV and hepatitis B and C among people who inject drugs and into the wider community.

CHIRP Community Health stocks a large range of needles and syringes as well as sterile water, swabs, filters and disposal units. CHIRP Community Health also provides a safe place to dispose of used syringes.

How do I access this service?

Drop into CHIRP Community Health during opening hours and ask reception for this service.

Alternatively, you could pick up an NSEP card and show it to the receptionist to indicate that you require this service.

An after-hours shute for syringe disposal is located next to the building. Look for the exchange logo below.

What is the cost to this service?

This is a free service. However there is a small fee is charged for the purchase of wheel filters and sterile water.

For more information about this service you can read the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services overview of the NSP here.



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