My Home Network

Everyone has a right to safe, affordable, secure and sustainable housing

My Home Network was formed in 2019 in response to increasing community concern about the lack of affordable, safe, secure, and sustainable housing across Mount Alexander Shire, and the resulting crisis of homelessness/being unhoused.

What does My Home Network do?

My Home Network advocates for:

  • greater housing support for vulnerable people in the community
  • increased and improved crisis, transition, social and affordable housing provision.

My Home Network also explores innovative solutions with local community members to meet the long-term housing needs and reduce housing stress.

Who’s in My Home Network?

My Home Network comprises:

  • local people with lived experience of housing crisis and homelessness
  • community members with significant experience and expertise in delivering social housing programs
  • a diverse range of housing networks and initiatives
  • community organisations
  • local and state government bodies.

Local groups in My Home Network include:

My Home Network also works closely with Mount Alexander Shire Council and is collaborating with the Nalderun Education Aboriginal Corporation, a local Aboriginal service that supports the Aboriginal community.

Who does My Home Network work with?

My Home Network is also supporting Mount Alexander Shire Council with its Big Housing Build application. It’s working groups include:

How to get involved

Get started by completing a survey to tell us:

  • about local housing stock or rooms that are potentially available to rent
  • what interest you have in being part of potential rental systems either as a tenant or a landlord
  • what barriers you see that might stop people from being part of these potential rental systems.

You can also help by:

  • joining a My Home Network working group
  • signing up to the My Home Network mailing list
  • discussing the potential of donating or selling land to the above housing projects with a My Home Network expert
  • considering listing your rental property with a not-for-profit real estate and or renting out rooms
  • assisting in community responses/supports for those in housing crisis, for example with meals and help to move house

Email  to explore how you can get involved in My Home Network.


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