Let’s Get Proud – LGBTIQ+ Health & Wellbeing Program

In 2018, CHIRP received a two year grant from the Department of Premier and Cabinet to improve the wellbeing of people in the LGBTIQ+ community. For this project, CHIRP works in partnership with Mount Alexander Shire Council, Central Victorian Primary Care Partnership and Castlemaine Community House.

More broadly, the propose of this grant is to strengthen and build the capacity of the LGBTIQ+ sector, with the overarching aim to improve the health and well-being of people in the LGBTIQ+ community in Mount Alexander Shire.

Specifically the grant activities include:

  • Formalise a strategic plan to address the needs of LGBTIQ+ residents
  • Create a network of community leaders who have the skills and ambition to sustainably self-govern and can work to expand their impact and reach
  • Develop the capacity of the network and service providers to identify gaps in services and then advocate for addressing those gaps
  • Strengthen awareness amongst LGBTIQ+ residents of the network, as well as local services that can improve their health and wellbeing

Lets Get Proud Project

The project is now celebrating the first milestone – the development of the very first Mount Alexander Shire LGBTIQ+ Strategic Plan. To develop the strategic plan, we held community engagement workshops at the end of 2018 to understand the Mount Alexander Shire LGBTIQ+ community needs.

The strategic plan outlines three goals, which reflect the desires of the LGBTIQ+ MAS community:

Strategic Plan Goal 1: An Ecosystem of Support – With our partners, we will create a strategic, coordinated approach to supporting the aspirations of the LGBTIQ+ community

Strategic Plan Goal 2: A Place at our Table – We will create opportunities to symbolise welcoming and ongoing connections between business and the LGBTIQ+ community

Strategic Plan Goal 3: A group outside school – We will create an activities based, inclusive LGBTIQ+ youth led space

The benefit of the strategic plan is that it was made by the community, for the community and thus reflects achievable actions that will have a positive impact of the MAS LGBTIQ+ community.

To find out more about the process to create the plan and more about each of the three goals, click on these links:

Mount Alexander Shire LGBTIQ+ Leadership Network

Now a strategic plan has been developed, the next objective is to create a network of community leaders who will be well supported by the partnership group to implement the actions outlined in the strategic plan.

If you are interested in being involved in the leadership network or would like to hear more about the Let’s Get Proud Project, please contact letsgetproud@castlemainehealth.org.au

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