Justice of the Peace

Justices of the Peace are community volunteers authorised by the state Government to act as an independent, objective witness.

A Justice of the Peace will be available at CHIRP Community Health on Tuesdays between 1pm and 3pm, by appointment only.

Call Reception on 5479 1000 to make an appointment.

signing documents

A Justice of the Peace can:

¨ Certify a person’s identity

¨ Certify a true copy of an original document

¨ Witness a sworn or affirmed affidavit for use in court

¨ Witness a statutory declaration

¨ Attest the execution of a legal document (such as Power of Attorney).


There are no fees for this service.

 A justice of the Peace can only assist you with information on the range of services they are authorised to provide.

They can help you to understand the processes.  They cannot offer you legal advice.


What to bring.

You must come in person if it is your signature to be witnessed

You must sign in front of the JP. The JP must see you sign the document

All original authentic documents and any photocopies with you. (Some photocopying will be available if you cannot easily access an alternative photocopying service)

Follow clearly any instructions in legal documents, bring these instructions and all documentation with you

At least two kinds of ID (unless your instructions are for more) – at least one should be Photo ID such as a passport or Driving Licence.



If you are asked to provide a statutory declaration or Affidavit –and the necessary forms have not been supplied to you—our office can supply blank affidavit and statutory declaration forms for use on the day. (You might need to collect these early if your Affidavit or Statutory Declaration needs to be carefully worded).

You can also download these legal forms from

at the bottom of the first page of this website, click on FORMS.




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