Endocrinology Clinic

What is this service?

Local Bendigo Specialist Physician, Dr Bidhu Mohapatra visits CHIRP Community Health, generally once a month to provide local Diabetes and Endocrine Specialists Services.

Who is eligible?

To access the diabetes specialist, a GP referral is required. We recommend seeing the Diabetes Educator prior to seeing the diabetes specialist for advice and treatment.

Once CHIRP Community Health receives the referral, it is sent to Dr Bidhu to ensure it is appropriate to be seen in the time frame available in Castlemaine. If the case is more urgent, they may be referred to his Private rooms in Bendigo.

As he only visits once a month, the waiting time for a new client to be see can be lengthy, so some clients may need to see him in Bendigo (for which there is a cost).

What is the cost?

The diabetes specialist at CHIRP Community Health is Medicare bulk-billed.

How to get more information?

For more information or to arrange an appointment, please phone CHIRP Community Health on (03) 5479 1000.

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For 35 years, the communities of Mount Alexander Shire have known who to turn to when they need help.

Sadly, CHIRP may not be around to turn to in future.

Government funding has not kept pace with the rising cost of delivering community health services.
This is happening everywhere, but smaller rural services like ours are the hardest hit.

We need a commitment from the Victorian Government, so we can maintain our services
and not be forced to close our doors.

Support a community model of health and let CHIRP get on with delivering vital services for our community