Diabetes Education and Management Support

Our credentialed Diabetes Educators provide one-on-one consultations for people with diabetes or pre-diabetes. This service is also available for carers and family members.

This includes:

  • Initial assessment and future re-assessments as required. The assessment includes obtaining information from the person’s GP or Specialist to help develop a management program
  • Developing a self-management plan with individual achievable goals and setting planned actions
  • Provision of education in relation to the latest diabetes evidence based care guidelines. This includes pre-diabetes prevention management
  • Review and monitoring of the self-management plan.

Diabetes Nurse Educators work collaboratively with other service providers when required, such as GPs, Endocrinologist, Dietitian and Podiatrist to give you the best possible chance of maintaining optimal health.

Communication between service providers is important, especially between a person’s GP or Specialist in relation to any significant changes or planned actions.

Who is eligible?

All age groups are welcome people with diabetes, pre-diabetes or their family and carers. Individuals can be referred by a GP, specialist or health practitioner or can self-refer to this service.

For children with diabetes, we act as secondary support of juvenile children with diabetes with primary support available from Bendigo Health, Ballarat Health or the Royal Children’s Hospital.

What is the cost?

The cost of these consultations is $10 payable at the time of the appointment. Should payment of this fee stop you using this service, please make this known to the receptionist.

How to get more information?

For more information or to arrange an appointment, please phone CHIRP Community Health on (03) 5479 1000.

Usually an appointment with a diabetes nurse educator is available within one to two weeks.


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