Counselling and Psychology

Counselling Services at CHIRP Community Health

Counselling provides a safe and confidential space to explore life issues.  We believe that people have the ability to make positive life change. Our counsellors can provide support on the journey toward change.

Generalist Counselling

Our generalist counselling program is available to everyone in the community without referral and is free of charge. We provide support for range of life issues, and if more specialist services are needed, we can refer you on to an appropriate service.

Psychological Therapy Services (PTS)

Counselling is available with our psychologist and social workers through the PTS program. Access to this program requires a Mental Health Care Plan referral from your general practitioner. PTS services are available for primary school aged children, and adults, for  people who are experiencing mental health issues, including anxiety and depression. With a referral, there is no cost for this service.

How to get more information?

For more information or to arrange an appointment, please contact CHIRP Community Health on (03) 5479 1000. Our receptionist will then direct you to the Wellbeing team intake worker. The Wellbeing team intake worker will be able to talk with you over the phone, or in person, to help our what service best suits your needs, whether that is within CHIRP or via other services available in our region.

Sometimes what we really need is to feel connected and heard by another caring member of our community. Feeling socially connected is fundamental to a sense of wellbeing. CHIRP Community Health provides a service which connects people either one on one in the community or in a supportive group environment. Individuals may be matched by a common interest that they are struggling with (parenting challenges, chronic health, carer fatigue, social isolation).

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For 35 years, the communities of Mount Alexander Shire have known who to turn to when they need help.

Sadly, CHIRP may not be around to turn to in future.

Government funding has not kept pace with the rising cost of delivering community health services.
This is happening everywhere, but smaller rural services like ours are the hardest hit.

We need a commitment from the Victorian Government, so we can maintain our services
and not be forced to close our doors.

We need a commitment from the Victorian Government so we can maintain and grow our local services:

Support a community model of health and let CHIRP get on with delivering vital services for our community