Preparation for Puberty Program (P4P)

Preparation for Puberty is a five week program that is designed to help schools teach the sexuality education components of VELS to class five and six school aged children to build on students learning and experiences about gender, bodies and relationships. It combines the biological, social and emotional aspect of sexuality education.

The program is delivered by our Community Health Nurse Bronwyn Grieve who has 20 years’ experience as a Paediatric Nurse, a Paediatric Nurse Educator and a High School Nurse. Bronwyn delivers puberty education in an age appropriate, fun and inclusive manner.

The outline of Preparation for Puberty Program:

Session 1 – Introduction to Puberty and Correct Reproductive Anatomy terminology

Session 2 – Conception, pregnancy and birth

Session 3 – The physical, emotional changes in puberty and menstruation

Session 4 – Body Care and Hygiene

Session 5 – Relationships

What is the cost?

Each session costs $175 per session or $875 for the full program. Schools can book sessions or their  five week P4P program by contacting CHIRP Community Health.

How to find more information?

For more information or bookings, please contact contacting Bronwyn via email or call (03) 5479 1009.

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