Mount Alexander TAC L2P Program

The L2P Program is a joint partnership between VicRoads and the Transport Accident Commission, supported by the Victorian Government. CHIRP Community Health delivers this program locally.

This community based program aims to provide the opportunity for young people, who face a significant barrier in acquiring the mandatory 120 hours of supervised driving before going for their probationary licence. Young people are supported by a skilled volunteer driver mentor, and have access to a CHIRP Community Health vehicle. All running costs, including insurance, are covered by the program.

Who is eligible for the program?

This program is available to young people aged between 16 – 20 years, who have their learners permit and who are having trouble accessing a supervising driver and/or a suitable vehicle.

What can learners expect?

Once an application form has been completed, the learner will be invited to meet with the program coordinator. The learner will then be matched with a driver mentor who will be able to assist them in achieving their required 120 hours of driving practice. If there is not a driver mentor available, the learner will be placed on a waiting list until a suitable driver mentor becomes available. Once matched, learners are expected to commit to approximately one hour of driving practice each week.

All driver volunteer mentors have undertaken a specialised VicRoads L2P training course and are registered volunteers of CHIRP Community Health. All volunteers also must undergo comprehensive screening checks, including a National Police Check and a Working with Children Check.

Learners can continue in the L2P program until they feel ready to go for your driving test. The volunteer driver mentors are able to support learners in going through the driver testing process until they have received their probationary license.

 How to become involved with the program?

If you are interested in becoming either a learner in the program or a driver mentor, you can contact us directly. You can do this by calling (03) 5479 1000 or completing the contact form below.

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