Mental Health Promotion

The Magpies Nest – building an ecosystem of support

This partnership project is assisting Castlemaine Football Netball Club (CFNC) to continue to build a club culture which is safe, healthy and welcoming and ensures policies and practices are in place to be able to respond to and support the mental health and wellbeing of its community.

Castlemaine Football Netball Club has up to 400 members, ranging from Juniors through to masters level which represents a broad range of community members. In particular the club
has identified that young members from 18-24 years of age are most at risk. These young people, no longer at school, may not have easy access to supports elsewhere. Therefore, building the clubs capacity to respond early and support the mental wellbeing of members is an important measure to prevent more serious issues arising.

This project, a partnership between CHIRP Community Health, CFNC, Sport Focus, Castlemaine District Community and Central Victorian Primary Care Partnership is:

  • Building knowledge skills and confidence of club leaders to support and respond to club members experiencing mental wellbeing issues
  • Building an ecosystem of support within the club including wellbeing leaders across all areas of the club (age groups and sport types) so that club members have an identified person that they can go to for support before a crisis occurs.
  • Increasing awareness of mental wellbeing and local support services amongst all club members
  • Reviewing policies and practices to ensure club culture is active in preventing mental health
    issues for its community.

This project is funded by a Mount Alexander Shire Council Community Grant.

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