Make A Change Program

Improving health and wellbeing is often easier said than done. The hardest part, after making the decision that you need to make a healthy lifestyle change, is ‘how to’ and ‘where’ to get the support needed to keep motivated.

Make A Change program is a series of six weekly sessions of practical, hands-on workshops (and homework) filled with nutritional information, meal and menu planning, eating for health on a budget, skill development, managing barriers to change and physical activity sessions.

Make a Change program aims to provide support to help you along the pathways of change in a friendly, relaxed group environment. This program is run by a qualified Dietitian who is also an accredited fitness instructor.

This program has been shown to be quite effective in achieving better lifestyle choices / weight loss. The support from other participants, and knowing that they too are also struggling with the same issues that you are is reassuring. This support is a very valuable addition when learning new skills to make healthy lifestyle changes in relation to food choices and physical activity and change thinking patterns.

What is the cost?

The cost for all six sessions in $48.00. Total payment is due by the first session, but can be made in instalments.

Who is eligible to join?

All age groups welcome. People with chronic diseases, diabetes, pre-diabetes or weight problems are encouraged.

How to find more information?

The Make a Change Program runs 1-2 times per year. The next Make a Change Program is scheduled on:

When:          Starts Thursday 24TH Oct 2019

Time:           10am—12noon

Sessions:    6 weeks (Thursday mornings)

Where:         CHIRP Community Health

Cost:            $48 for all six sessions

If you would like to register for the group, or if you have any enquires, please contact reception on (03) 5479 1000.

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