Preventing falls

Volunteer-led Maldon Walking Group learned about preventing falls from Castlemaine Health Physiotherapist Wendy Cummings on 11 February

One participant of the group said that the talk was most interesting.

“It gave me some good things to think about, and I have realised that I need to do balance exercises.”

Wendy spoke about the many things to consider in preventing falls and participants practiced some balance exercises to do regularly at home and before each walk.

“Supportive and well-fitting shoes with a firm heel and good grip are essential in preventing falls,” said Wendy.

“There are medications which can make you dizzy and increase your risk of falling. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to review your medications and any potential interactions.”

“Impaired vision can also increase your risk of falling because it makes it harder for you to see hazards, such as obstacles and uneven surfaces. It is essential to get your eyesight checked at least every two years so that your glasses are current.”

Participants were provided with the ‘Staying Active on Your Feet’ resource for further reading.

Maldon Walking Group is a Castlemaine Health, Maldon Hospital and Maldon Neighbourhood Centre partnership project.

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