New Companion Walking Program

Date: 10th September 2020.

CHIRP Community Health’s new Companion Walking Program promotes companionship and some gentle walking during the current Coronavirus restrictions.

CHIRP volunteers are available to walk with community members in both Castlemaine and Maldon. Volunteers will follow social distancing requirements and wear face masks during the walk. Both male and female volunteers are available.

“Although current Coronavirus guidelines allow us to exercise, sometimes it can be difficult to motivate yourself to leave the house and walk. An agreement to meet with another person increases the likelihood that the exercise routine will occur and continue ”, says Allied Health and Wellbeing Manager Deb McCarthy.

“The CHIRP Community Health volunteers can also offer social support during the walk. The ongoing restrictions are difficult for everyone in Mount Alexander Shire, but even more so for those who are living alone. A friendly chat whilst walking is great for your mental health”, says Deb.

If you are interested in participating in the Companion Walking Program contact CHIRP and leave your details. You will be allocated a volunteer who will contact you to find a mutually suitable time to meet and walk regularly in a public area such as the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens.

Call CHIRP Community Health on 5479 1000 to leave your details.

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