Mount Alexander Community Pantry

In response to the current coronavirus (covid-19) crisis many local organisations are working together to support our community members with what they need.

In particular, the Community Pantry will support you by providing two types of services: frozen pre-prepared meals and food packages, made with community spirit, care and strict standards of hygiene, delivered to your door!
To order pre-prepared meals or food packages, contact us via the details below.

Phone & email requests will be taken between 9am-3pm, Monday to Friday:
– Phone: 0472 537 866
– Email:
– Web:

Orders are available via pick-up (appointment only) or delivery:
– Pick-Up: Church of Christ, 66 Blakeley Road Castlemaine. 10am-1pm, Monday to Friday.
– Delivery: 10am-1pm, Monday to Friday.
Maldon Frozen Meal Delivery: 9.30am-11.30am, Tuesday and Friday. They will contact you with an appointment or delivery time.

More details: Community Pantry Flier

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