MEDIA RELEASE: Nordic Pole Walking in Maldon and Castlemaine

17th September 2021

Nordic Pole Walking groups will be ‘running’ in Castlemaine and Maldon throughout term 4 from early October until mid-December.

The weekly one-hour groups will happen at Castlemaine Botanical Gardens on Monday and Thursday mornings at 9.30am, and in Maldon on Wednesday evenings at 5.30pm. All the groups will start in the first full week of October.

The current expansion of Nordic Pole Walking to Maldon was initiated by experienced volunteers Jenny Parker and Graham Bradshaw, both locals with a keen interest in providing opportunities for exercise and social connection in Maldon.

Jenny Parker who also delivered Nordic Pole Walking in Maldon many years ago, found that the evening time worked well in the past.

“It especially suits this time of year with longer periods of daylight and improving weather”.

“The evening opportunity also allows those who may still have work commitments to attend.”

This project is a CHIRP Community Health and Castlemaine Community House partnership.

For further information or to book, call CHIRP Community Health on
5479 1000. Bookings are essential as groups will be purposely kept small to maximise participant safety.

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