Media release: Nordic Pole Walking Groups starting soon


Nordic Pole walking groups across Mount Alexander will give participants the opportunity to learn how to turn a walk into a workout.

Nordic Pole Walking activates 90% of the muscles in the body which can result in toned upper arms, shoulders and back muscles. It has a greater aerobic effect than regular walking with reduced strain on the lower body.

Judy Hill is a Nordic Pole Walking volunteer and enthusiast who has completed Accredited Nordic Walking Training through the Nordic Walking Academy. She has seen great personal benefits from this type of exercise.

“When I started Nordic Walking, I was in a lot of back pain and walked with a limp, but now can walk from Castlemaine to Maldon”, says Judy.

Weekly morning introduction groups will start at Castlemaine on Tuesday 4th February, and in Maldon on Wednesday the 11th of March. The one-and-a-half hour sessions starting at 7.00am will include a 15-minute warm up, a one hour walk and will end with a 15-minute cooldown.

This project is a CHIRP Community Health and Castlemaine Community House partnership funded by Musculoskeletal Australia.

For further information or to book, call Castlemaine Community House on 54724842. Bookings are essential as groups will be purposely kept small to maximise participant safety.

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