Masks available at CHIRP Community Health

CHIRP Community Health has masks available for distribution to those unable to provide their own mask. Packs of five disposable masks are currently available, and CHIRP Is also awaiting the arrival of re-useable cloth masks from DHHS for distribution.

Masks rules are changing all the time, so check the DHHS website for current information. CHIRP Community Health Nurse Bronwyn Grieve is available to discuss lawful medical conditions and circumstances not to wear a mask. A full list of these conditions is also available on the DHHS website:

Bronwyn can also answer general mask queries and provide tips on how to wear masks correctly or how to wash re-useable masks.

“You know your mask is working to protect you if it is well fitted. The mask should fit snugly and cover your nose and mouth”, says Bronwyn.

“If you are using a cloth re-useable mask, keep an eye on the integrity of the fabric as it may thin over time with repeated washing. If this happens, replace the mask. A cloth mask should be washed each day after use. However, if during the day your mask is visibly dirty or wet, do not continue wearing your mask; the mask needs to be washed. Re-using a cloth mask without washing is risky because it can become contaminated or may not be as effective in protecting you.”

“Cloth masks can be washed in the washing machine with other clothes, or hand-washed using soap and the warmest appropriate water setting for the cloth.  Your cloth mask should be dry before re-using it. You can use the heat setting on your dryer or lay out flat to air dry. If possible, place the cloth mask in direct sunlight. Wash your hands after handling used face masks.”

No appointment is necessary for picking up masks. Packs of five disposable masks are ready and available for pick up now. Call CHIRP Community Health on 5479 1000 if you have any further queries about masks.

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