Media Release: Maintaining your emotional health during COVID-19

CHIRP Community Health continues to deliver valued services to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. This unique event will be impacting people in many different ways such as increased economic hardship, limits to freedom of movement and curtailed social opportunities.

CHIRP CEO Dianne Couch wants the local community to know that “counsellors are still available at CHIRP to provide emotional support during these challenging times”.

Changes such as working from home and home-schooling children can be incredibly stressful for some and easier for others. Information overload can occur keeping up with official restrictions and advice, and over-exposure to the news and social media.

People may also use this time as an opportunity to develop new skills, experiment, appreciate, simplify and slow down. For others, fear, suspicion, resentment and frustration may surface.

If you’re feeling in need of emotional support right now, CHIRP’s counselling team can help.

Call 5479 1000 to arrange an appointment. Counselling is offered through Health Direct (a telehealth service) and on the phone. After hours support can also be negotiated.

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