CHIRP Community Health has a new brand!

CHIRP Community Health, registered as Castlemaine District Community Health, now has a new look and name.

For the past eight months, Castlemaine District Community Health has been developing a new website and refreshing our logo. This work was funded by a small one-off grant given by the Victoria State Government and to help us with this work, we engaged a local Web Design and Digital Marketing firm, We Push Buttons.

Why have we changed our name?

CHIRP Community Health has been providing health and social services in the Mount Alexander Shire community for over 34 years.

When this organisation first started operating, it was known as CHIRP – Community Health Information Resources and Programs. At some point in time the name of the organisation was changed to Castlemaine District Community Health. Although this name describes the work of the organisation, it is now often confused with Castlemaine Health and Castlemaine Community House.

After extensive consultation with the Mount Alexander Community, we have chosen to revert to our original name, CHIRP and add Community Health to the title. We have always been recognised as CHIRP, even after the change of name to Castlemaine District Community Health. We believe that we should honour our long-standing history of providing essential health and social services to the Mount Alexander Shire community by recognising the name our community knows and respects.

Our registered company name will continue to be Castlemaine District Community Health.

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