Diet & Nutrition Services

CHIRP Community Health offers both individual appointments and group programs to help increase people’s understanding of diet, nutrition. All nutrition and diet services and programs are by provided by an Accredited Practising Dietitian. 

Sessions can assist people in:

  • Developing a better understand of the available nutritional information
  • Translating the latest research into useful information
  • Setting realistic nutritional goals
  • Gaining a better understand of what healthy eating is and how to put a healthy meal together. This could include discussions around meal planning, shopping, budgeting and recipe modification
  • Gaining a better understand of your relationship with food, overcoming emotional eating, increasing your awareness of hunger and fullness and non-hungry eating. 

The Dietician at CHIRP Community Health can provide nutritional support for a wide range of conditions including weight management, diabetes and pre-diabetes, people with food allergies or food tolerances, coeliac disease, irritable bowel symptoms, renal disease, high blood cholesterol and managing blood pressure.

We work collaborate with other service provides where required, such as general practitioner’s, specialists, diabetes educators and many others to ensure optimal support and advice.


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