Alcohol and Other Drug Services (AOD)
Coronavirus precaution – what you need to watch out for with isolation and alcohol withdrawal:

It’s very important during this Coronavirus time that you look after yourself in isolation and watch out for any warning signs around withdrawal from drugs and alcohol.

Our Alcohol and Other Drugs team shares some advice to support the community, particularly those who could be in danger of withdrawal, their loved ones and friends.

Withdraw with care:
Any withdrawal should be done with great care and the support of your GP. If you are isolated and withdrawing by choice or through lack of access to drugs or alcohol please don’t stop suddenly but cut back on what you’re taking bit by bit.

Watch out for ‘the shakes’:
The shakier you are, the closer you are to having a seizure. If you have excessive shaking take action by calling your GP, family or a friend sooner rather than later. If it’s really bad call 000 straight away.

Look out for each other:
Families or friends worried that a person’s condition is getting worse should take them to the emergency department at the hospital or call an ambulance if their condition gets really bad or they are starting to have a physical reaction such as excessive shaking.

Are you drinking more?
If you’re drinking more in the past few weeks then please be aware there’s a chance you will experience some withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly stop. If you need help and can’t get to support use Nurse-On-Call 1300 606 024.

Ask for help – it’s still there!
We might be delivering services differently right now but our AOD team is still there for you. Please call 5479 1000 and ask for the AOD team if you have any concerns or questions around drugs or alcohol.

To learn more about the alcohol and other drugs services and programs offered by CHIRP Community Health, please read on.

Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Services cover a spectrum of issues confronting people affected by substance use.

CHIRP Community Health offers advocacy, personal support, strategies for change, someone to trust with the more difficult issues and hope for a more positive future.

We work in co-operation with other service providers where required, such as GPs, withdrawal nurses, community mental health services and others, to give you the best possible chance of recovery.

Referrals can also be made to detox units and rehabilitation facilities.

AOD workers are able to provide assessments and letters of support to someone facing court on AOD related matters. Prior notice and attendance is required for this support.

Services (A&OD)

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